Irkutsk research and design institute of chemical and petrochemical engineering was founded in 1949 by the appointment of the USSR government.


In 1993 it was reorganized into an open joint stock company - OJSC "IrkutskNIIhimmash" and it remains one of the leading institutes in this respect in the East-Siberian region. In August, 2015 according to the national law of 26.12.1995 N 208-FZ (revised on 29.06.2015) “On joint stock companies” OJSC "IrkutskNIIhimmash" was reformed into JSC "IrkutskNIIhimmash“ on a basis of decision made by the general meeting of shareholders.

IrkutskNIIhimmash is a diversified company that provides research and development, design and engineering, diagnostics and test opportunities.


JSC “IrkutskNIIhimmash” has received the Russian Federation patent № 2634487 for invention “Attachable tensometer for dynamic deformations measuring” made by Kuznetsov K. A., Trutaev S. Yu. The invention is a measuring device and can be used for small deformations measurement.


АО «ИркутскНИИхиммаш» - многопрофильная компания, имеющая научно - исследовательскую, проектно-конструкторскую, диагностическую,
опытно-промышленную и испытательную базы. Имеет многолетний опыт работы в проектировании сосудов и трубопроводов, работающих под высоким давлением в
таких отраслях промышленности как химия, нефтехимия, нефтепереработка, целлюлозно-бумажная, микробиологическая. «ИркутскНИИхиммаш» является ведущей компанией в РФ по своей специализации.